Terms and agreements for Hilltune Artists:

1. All artists should have their own original product(s) or song(s).

2. Uploading song(s) or product(s) other than one’s own original copy may lead to cancellation of the artist’s membership.

3. All artist should take Pro Membership. For the first months all artist should get free membership after that it is compulsory for artist to take membership and renew month after months.

4. Artists should not charge or sell their songs which are already circulated in other social media platforms like youtube, spotify etc

5. Song(s) will be on sale only if it is new and not yet release to the general public with a maximum price of 10 INR per song.

6. All songs should be uploaded with their lyrics.

7. Once an artist sell his/her song(s) in Hilltune, then he/she shouldn’t upload the same in other media platforms until 2 weeks from the time of sale.

8. There will be a commission charge of 30% per product for the platform in every sale (This helps the platform to maintain and pay the transaction fee charges, Hosting services, Storage services, Security charges and team payment)
We taken considerably less commssion vis-a-vis other giant competitors.
For your information:
* Spotify takes a commission of 52% of your earning
* Apple Music take a commission of 80+% of your earning while artist received only 13%
* Youtube take a commission of 45% of your total earnings.

9. Artist should not promote violence, racial discrimination, gender abuse, communal issue or bad language in any form inside the platform.

10. Artist should not involve, promote and favour any particular political ideology and agenda inside the platform.

11. Incase of any dispute and copyright claim, artist should immediately contact Hilltune through email: [email protected] or in Direct message at Hilltune message to admin.
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